Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Audi Transmission Repair


Problems Audi DSG Transmission Repair Addresses

Even the best-designed equipment experiences wear and tear, so it should be no surprise that your Audi’s DSG transmission will need attention from time to time. Consider some signs that your car needs service and how it impacts your driving:

  • DSG transmissions change gears faster than any other automatic transmission on the market. If you’re looking for peak performance and maximum acceleration, then an Audi DSG transmission can help you experience smoother driving at every gear.

  • Despite the improved performance, these transmissions still require maintenance to function correctly. If you neglect to bring it in for servicing, substantial issues may compound and eventually require a complete replacement. Simply put, it’s better to bring in your Audi for a DSG tune-up rather than wait until you experience transmission failure.

  • Most transmissions will limit themselves to prevent serious damage if a major issue develops while you’re on the road. DSG transmissions are meticulously assembled, so they’ll let you move at a reduced pace until you can bring your Audi to our shop for service.

Without a functioning transmission, your car can’t get you anywhere. Take care of your transmission so that it takes care of you.



Auto Trans Australia has a reputation for exceptional transmission work, including Audi transmission repair. We customise and install DSG and CVT transmissions to improve your vehicle’s performance as well as maintaining those transmissions through routine maintenance and tune-ups. Below, we address several important points about how transmissions function.



Tips Regarding Audi CVT Transmission

If you want to get the most out of your CVT transmission, review these tips for how you can find the right help when it comes to service and repair:

  • Since your car depends on a properly functioning transmission, rely only on mechanics that focus on installing and repairing transmissions. This focus means that you’re working with mechanics who genuinely understand how transmissions function and how to get the best performance possible.

  • Auto Trans Australia has a reputation for exceptional quality regarding high-end transmissions. With many years’ experience, we’ve installed and upgraded CVT transmissions in every model of Audi. We also replace the mechatronic computers found in transmissions to give your old transmission a new lease on life.

  • New technologies let transmission upgrades give you greater control over your Audi’s performance. Auto Trans Australia uses specialised technologies such as purpose-built linear welders, ZF6HP and 8HP captive clutch welding and pressure machines, and more. These technologies help us remain the leaders in remanufactured torque converters, resulting in impressively high-quality transmissions.

Why Trust Auto Trans Australia Regarding Audi Mechatronic Replacement

We’ve been working on transmissions since 1984. During that time, we’ve cultivated a reputation for exceptional quality, which is why people consistently turn to us for high-end transmission work in luxury-model Audi, BMW, Range Rover, and Lamborghini vehicles. We also stand behind our work with a comprehensive 2-year, 40k kilometre warranty. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our custom transmissions.

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