Auto Trans Australia offers trade and retail clients fast and efficient transmission repairs where highly trained skilled technicians and the latest technology combine to offer clients guaranteed results the first time every time.

ATA uses the latest and most technologically advanced diagnostic scanners to quickly identify any problems if the vehicle is there, whilst the hydra-test valve body testing and calibration machine simulates actual road test conditions so they know a unit is operating efficiently before it is dispatched to a client. Pickup and delivery can be arranged for anywhere in Australia.

ATA are experts in all transmission types for all European, Japanese, High end luxury, Supercars and Bespoke vehicles including the following:

– Automatic Transmissions
– All Automatic CVT Transmissions
– All DSG Transmissions
– All Double Clutch Transmissions
– Manual Transmissions
– Transmission Servicing
– Transmission System Adaptions and Coding



Dual Clutch Transmissions (DSG)

ATA is Australia's leading dual clutch transmission specialist, specialising in all dual clutch repairs and replacements, Dual Clutch Transmission remanufacturing, mechatronic programming, coding and replacements. Auto Trans Australia are proud to say that their custom made dual clutch transmissions and clutches for our ATA Autosport brand have been tried and tested to withstand extreme amounts of horsepower with some of the most highly tuned race cars in Australia.

Supercars and Bespoke

ATA's passion and experience proves that there is no comparison when it comes to the best as they lead the industry, supplying transmissions to the largest dealerships Australia wide specialising in high end supercar and bespoke brand transmissions such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin and Bentley. 


ATA's transmissions carry a 2 year 40,000km* warranty.


*Conditions Apply



Special Equipment

On a day to day basis ATA uses a range of diagnostic and testing equipment to make sure their clients get the best possible result. This equipment includes a Hyrda-Test solenoid multi tester, transmission unit test machine, R2D2 Hydraulic bench leakage tester, vacuum transmission case leakage tester and a range of setting tools to ensure correct tolerances on every job.

ATA have also invested in state of the art machinery to give Auto Trans Australia the competitive edge. When you are working on the high tech, electronically operated transmissions of today accuracy is essential and their investment means you and your customers have access to the best technology and better results. ATA is the only transmission company in Australia to have these machines onsite.




Hydra test Valve body test and calibration machine

ATA currently own and operate Australia's first and only new and upgraded Hydra-Test valve body testing machine which is a must for today’s electronically operated transmissions. It can run a fully automated shift sequence as a transmission would and will cycle up and the down through all gears, including TCC lock-up. The time saving Hydra-test is especially useful when they are trying to find a fault that only occurs after the valve body and solenoids have been run for a period of time. 



Torque Converters and Engineering

ATA is one of the very few suppliers to have three purpose built converter linear welders, specialised ZF6HP & 8HP captive clutch welding and pressure machines, three lathes, converter pressure unit and balancer machine to ensure each converter is done with paramount precision. ATA also re-bond all their own converter lock up linings with specially made bonding ovens and press forms to exceed manufactures specifications. 

ATA's use of technology along with rigorous quality control systems means they are confident that each of their remanufactured torque converters are second to none in the industry. ATA knows that when they send a unit to a trade rebuilder client it will work the first time, every time.


Auto Trans Australia Offers Transmission Services in Sydney

Auto Trans Australia has been providing transmission services in Sydney since 1984, handling all makes and models from everyday commuter vehicles to supercars. Transmissions are an essential component to your car and continuing to drive with one in need of repair can cause further damage leading to higher costs. Trust us with your vehicle’s transmission and get back on the road quickly.

What You Can Expect from Auto Trans Australia Regarding Automatic Transmission Repairs in Sydney

We provide a fast and efficient transmission service and carry out repairs for both trade and retail clients. Our highly trained and skilled technicians use the latest technology to offer guaranteed results the first time, every time. When you bring your car into our shop, these are a few of the things you can expect:

  • We keep up with all the changes in automotive technology, using the most technologically advanced diagnostic scanners to identify any issue with your transmission quickly. We also use a hydra-test valve body testing and calibration machine that simulates actual road conditions to know the unit is working correctly before returning the car to you.

  • When we say we work on every make and model, we really mean that. We even handle the transmissions for supercars and bespoke vehicles.

  • Autosport enthusiasts will love our performance transmission and clutch upgrades that can give you a jump on the competition.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Auto Transmission Repair

The cars of today contain a great deal of computer technology, and the transmission is no different. Transmissions have become more complex and computerised, making their service and repair much more difficult even for service shops. It’s essential to have your transmission repaired by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Here are a few common mistakes people make regarding transmission repair:

  • The biggest mistake most people make is not taking care of their vehicle’s transmission. If your gears are grinding when they change, or you feel any resistance when trying to change gear, it’s best to get your transmission checked. Driving a car with a failing transmission can cause more damage, raising the cost of repairs.

  • Sometimes you might notice the car “just doesn’t feel right” when accelerating through the gears. It may mean the transmission fluid has been leaking and needs changing or topped up. Gearbox cogs and forks are relatively robust, but still need to be adequately lubricated to work smoothly.

  • If you hear any noises when changing gear such as knocking or clunking, then something isn’t right. Don’t ignore it. Transmission problems don’t usually “fix themselves”.

Why Trust Auto Trans Australia Regarding Auto Transmission Services

Our customers trust us with their repairs because of our extensive experience and longevity in the industry. Beyond that, we maintain a state-of-the-art shop and keep up with the many advances in transmission technologies so we can continue to service all types of transmission, regardless of the make and model. To learn more about our services as a transmission specialist in Sydney or our Autosport options, contact us today.