Here's What to Know About Your Next Mercedes Transmission Repair


Problems with a Mercedes CVT Transmission Auto Trans Australia Can Address

CVT transmissions offer simplicity, reliability, and a smooth ride — but when things break down, you're liable to run into all manner of problems. Some of the most common CVT concerns we can address include the following:

  • Shuddering and jerking during shifting. A smooth ride is the most important thing of all, especially when you're driving a luxury car such as a Mercedes. When your shifts aren't smooth, it's time for a look inside the transmission.

  • Sudden and unexpected problems with acceleration can often mean there are serious concerns with the transmission preventing it from properly completing a shift cycle.

  • Unusual noises or signs of overheating. Both are signs that damage is occurring or about to occur. Seek help immediately.

If you notice any noises when changing gear, or if your Mercedes doesn’t seem to be as smooth changing gear as usual, then it’s best to get things checked out. Catching a problem early can save you hundreds of dollars.



As the owner of a Mercedes, a transmission repair is perhaps one of the last services you want to hear you need — but it's not something one can ignore. When left unchecked, transmission problems can develop into more serious issues that grow more difficult to fix the longer the issue develops. Instead, turning to a qualified mechanic with an in-depth understanding of transmissions is the right choice. With Auto Trans Australia on your side, you can trust your investment is not only in good hands — it's in the best.



What Sets Auto Trans Australia Apart When Working On a Mercedes DSG Transmission?

Aside from the range of problems with CVT units we can address, we can also work on DSG units and more. Why choose our team, though? Here's what lets us stand out as a leader in our space:

  • A wealth of experience, with years of hands-on work testing, fault finding, and rebuilding transmissions from the ground up again. If you can think of a transmission problem, we've seen it before. In other words, we'll know how to help.

  • A suite of equipment not only for testing but for rebuilding and precisely tuning DSG transmissions to deliver performance at the highest levels.

  • A cutting-edge Hydra-Test machine for isolating the trickiest of problems by running transmissions through complete cycles entirely automatically. ATA is the operator of Australia's very first Hydra-Test machine, and it enables us to deliver unparalleled accuracy in issues diagnoses.

From our depth of experience to the array of modern equipment we have at our disposal, ATA is the perfect resource for transmission work.

Why You Should Choose Auto Trans Australia

Few others have the same degree of high-level experience with luxury vehicles as ATA, and the time we've spent developing our deep understanding of transmissions is second to none. With dependable service guarantees, a 10-year warranty on every repair, and a friendly, accessible team, you can seek service from those who will treat your car as their own. Call us for a quote today.

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