Auto Trans Australia Works on Jaguar Transmissions


Related Services We Provide to Jaguar Transmission Repair

Transmission might be in our name, but our services are by no means limited to them or even to Jaguars. We handle transmissions for every vehicle, even bespoke and supercars. Here are a few of the other services we can offer your vehicle:

  • Modern cars are becoming increasingly computerised, and that includes the transmission. They contain an internal computer called a mechatronic unit. Replacing these when they fail can be costly, which is why we began offering our Mechatronic Exchange Program, saving our customers thousands of dollars.

  • Autosports enthusiasts will be interested in our performance transmission. Our DGS transmission upgrades are designed to withstand the extreme power needed in Autosports, even up to 700hp. These are installed in our state-of-the-art transmission workshop.

  • Other items our Autosport loving customers crave are our DSG Performance Clutch Packs. These will help you fly off the line, outshining the competition.



Auto Trans Australia is one of the country’s industry leaders, handling almost every make and model, including Jaguar transmission repairs. Your vehicle’s transmission is one of its most vital systems, so keeping them in the best proper running order should be a priority. When your transmission needs work, trust our highly skilled technicians with the repair.



Problems a Jaguar Transmission Repair from Auto Trans Australia Addresses

Most modern cars have a warning light that will activate when there are issues with your transmission. When that light comes on, schedule an appointment immediately to prevent continuing damage. Sometimes these warning lights fail to work, and if you have a car without them, learning to notice the signs of a failing transmission is vital. The following are a few ways to know it’s time to get your transmission checked:

  • Automatic transmissions tend to slip when they need repair. When this occurs, your automatic transmission shifts gears for no apparent reason—putting you on notice that there could be an issue. Schedule your car for inspection before a minor problem turns into something more serious.

  • Listening to your engine and how it responds is essential for both automatic and manual transmission. If there are unusual noises or whines, or if changing gears come with grinding or shimmying, it might signal that your car’s transmission needs a service.

  • Pay attention to any leaks under your car as their colour is an indication of the type of leak. Transmission fluid is dyed red, so if you find red spots under your car’s engine after pulling out of a parking space, it is time for a check-up. Leaking transmission fluid can also create a burning smell when you exit your vehicle, especially after longer trips.

Why Customers Should Use Auto Trans Australia

Leading the Australian transmission industry since 1984, we provide trade and retail clients fast and efficient repairs performed by highly trained and skilled technicians. Our transmissions come with a two-year 40,000km warranty. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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