Auto Trans Australia: A Transmission Repair Shop You Can Count on for Quality

Have you ever taken your car in for a repair and paid a hefty service fee to get the job done, only to find that the problem just returns when you get up to speed on the highway? Have you worked with auto repair companies that charge you a lot for their services but don’t offer any warranty coverage or advice on how to keep your car maintained going forward? Have you received a routine service done on your transmission, only to have the technicians miss a leak or broken component that ended up developing into a bigger and more expensive problem?

The Best Transmission Repair Service, for Any Type of Transmission

At Auto Trans Australia, we have heard horror stories in all of the above categories. When you visit us for a transmission repair, though, you will never have cause to add a new car service horror story to your memory bank. We have been in business for 30 years and have a mission to be nothing less than the best transmission specialist in the industry. Already, there are very few companies in Australia that specialise in such a wide range of transmissions as we do.

Indeed, though the word ‘auto’ is in our brand name, Auto Trans Australia can handle more than just automatic gearboxes. On the contrary, we will also service manual transmissions and other more modern types of automatic transmissions—such as CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) and semi-automatic transmissions. Regardless of the car you drive or the transmission type, if you bring your vehicle to us for transmission repairs, we can provide a diagnosis and fix.

How Our Transmission Repair Shop Stands Apart from the Competition

Beyond sheer versatility, what sets Auto Trans Australia apart from all of the other transmission repair shops throughout the country? To explain the difference, let’s look back at the transmission ‘horror stories’ that kicked off this article: repairs not holding up at high speed, a lack of warranty coverage or missed diagnostic issues. What sets Auto Trans Australia apart from the others is our commitment to making sure that none of these three things ever happen to you.

First of all, our garage is equipped with the best diagnostic equipment in the industry. These tools include a solenoid multi tester, various leakage testers and other diagnostic equipment that quickly and accurately identifies transmission issues. If there is a problem with your transmission, our diagnostic tools will find it.