How Do I Get My Car to a Transmission Rebuilder for Diagnostic and Repair?

It’s a story old as transmissions themselves: you are out driving, just making your way home from work or school, when your transmission suddenly fails. Maybe the gears start slipping; maybe the car starts shaking, grinding or whining; perhaps you can’t shift gears or lose all power. In any case, your transmission is experiencing some difficulty and you need to get it to a transmission rebuilder for diagnostic and repair. The problem is, you don’t even know if you can get the car home, let alone to a transmission rebuilding shop for professional assistance.

How Calling Auto Trans Australia Might Save You Time and Money

In a situation like the above, the first thought to come to mind for most drivers is calling a tow truck. If you find yourself stranded beside the road with a broken transmission, you may or may not feel comfortable trying to drive the car anywhere—particularly if you are on a highway or a busy street. As such, calling a tow truck company to collect you and tow your car home seems like a logical decision.

The problem with tow trucks is that they are usually exorbitantly expensive for the service you get. If your goal is to get your car home, you will have to pay pretty handsomely to do so with a tow truck. Worst of all, then you still have to worry about getting your car to the shop that does transmission rebuilds.

Auto Trans Australia can help you save money if you call us instead of a towing company. We have been in the transmission rebuilding game for 30 years now and have connections throughout Australia. We can arrange pickups and deliveries anywhere in the country, to ensure that you don’t have to worry about driving or towing your car to one of our locations for a checkup.

Can I Drive a Car in Need of Transmission Rebuild?

If you would prefer to get your car home before calling ATA for a pickup, the good news is that you can usually do so. While driving with a broken transmission is not recommended for an extended period of time, most late model automatic transmissions are designed to let drivers ‘limp home’ if and when they encounter problems. If your vehicle meets a transmission issue, it will likely shift into a failsafe mode, which keeps the vehicle in one gear so that you can drive the car without damaging the transmission further.

The gear for this failsafe mode is usually third gear, so you shouldn’t expect to do any high-speed driving and will probably have to have your hazard lights flashing as you drive. Still, the failsafe mode is usually good enough to get you home to wait for a pickup or to get you to the nearest transmission rebuilds shop—whichever is closer.

Whether you need to find the nearest transmission rebuilders or schedule a pickup for your car, we hope you will give Auto Trans Australia a call if and when you experience transmission problems. Though we are located in Alexandria, we also have relationships with transmission rebuilders throughout Australia and can help you formulate the best plan for having your car serviced immediately.