When Is It Time to Take Your Car into a Transmission Rebuild Service Shop?

Whether you drive an automatic transmission vehicle or a manual transmission car, it goes without saying that your transmission is one of the most important components of the automobile. Your engine is the heart of your car, but in many ways, the transmission is similar to the brain, using sophisticated computer systems and hydraulics to shift gears, move your vehicle and keep it running as it picks up speed. When your transmission is not functioning correctly, the driving experience will feel noticeably different. It’s when you notice these shifts that you should start looking for nearby transmission rebuild shops.

Three Signs That Your Car Needs a Transmission Rebuild Service

Because the transmission is such an integral part of your car, you are probably going to notice if and when something is wrong with it. However, you may not know the problem you are experiencing is related to the transmission. Since transmission problems are usually somewhat pressing, it’s good to know which symptoms are signs of transmission failure. That way, you can find a transmission rebuild shop and take your car in for repair as soon as possible.

  1. The transmission is slipping: A ‘slipping transmission’ sounds like bad news on paper, but what does this concept mean, and how can you notice it? Transmission slipping essentially means that the transmission is slipping out of gear when it isn’t supposed to. In a perfect world, your transmission will only shift gears when you tell it to (if you drive a manual) or when the car’s internal computer sends the message to do so (if you drive an automatic). However, if your car is spontaneously downshifting on you, the transmission is ‘slipping.’ You shouldn’t ignore this issue, as it can cause major safety issues—particularly on the highway.
  2. Shifting gears is difficult: Does your automatic transmission seem to labour as it moves into another gear—either by making strange whining sounds, taking a long time to shift, shaking while going into a new gear or not providing the usual amount of power? Is it difficult to shift gears with your manual transmission, or does the car make loud grinding sounds when you engage the clutch or shift up into a new gear? These signs indicate obvious transmission problems (or, in the case of manual transmission vehicles, definite transmission and clutch problems) and should be referred to a transmission rebuild service professional right away.
  3. You’ve lost Drive or Reverse: On automatic transmission cars, you will sometimes lose entire modes of driving. Perhaps the transmission seems to work fine in Reverse, but won’t engage properly in Drive, or maybe the opposite is true. In either case, it’s likely time to start planning for a transmission rebuild cost.

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