Frequently Asked Questions

At ATA we want to help as much as possible. If you cant find the answers below feel free to contact us.


What is the difference between an Automatic transmission and manual gearbox?

An automatic transmission, also known as automatic gearbox is one type of motor vehicle transmission that automatically changes gear as the vehicle moves; this allows the driver to not have to shift gears manually. Also other types of automated transmissions such as DSG, continuous variable transmissions (CVTs) and semi-automatic transmissions that free the driver from having to shift gears manually, by using the transmission’s computer to change gear. 


How do I know if my car has a transmission problem?

The majority of modern vehicles will notify the driver there is a transmission fault with a flashing light on the dashboard. This will require the driver to take immediate action and take the vehicle to their local dealer or to a transmission specialist for further diagnosis. 


Should I still drive my car if there is a problem?

The late model automatic transmissions are designed to shift into a fail safe mode which stops the transmission from further internal damage. This enables the driver to ‘limp’ home which means it will stay in one gear (usually third gear), and allows you to get your nearest transmission expert straight away. 


Are transmissions expensive?

They could be if not serviced. Most transmission problems occur because of neglect and lack of servicing. Call Auto Trans Australia now for transmission service to save you money.


My transmission starts doing funny things when it gets hot?

This is most likely an easy fix. Give us a call or to further diagnose the problem.


Do you repair all vehicles?

A: Yes, all European, Supercar, Bespoke and Japanese vehicles.


How long will it take to repair? 

A: It should only take one day in most cases as we stock exchange transmissions to fit most European vehicles, if not there will be a two – three day turn around. 


What warranty do you offer? 

A: A two years or 40,000km warranty on most transmissions, conditions apply*


What should we do to make sure our transmission is kept in good order? 

Bring your vehicle to Auto Trans Australia for a service every year from when the transmission was rebuilt to ensure your transmission will outlast your .


Once the car is repaired will it be required to come back to ATA? 

Once an overhaul has been completed, a free inspection after 5000kms is recommended.