For Dependable DSG Transmission Service Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Bondi Can Trust, Rely On Auto Trans Australia

There’s simply no question that one of the most critical components of your vehicle is its transmission. As vehicles become more complex, so do their gearboxes. Without a properly functioning transmission, your vehicle will not only break down, but it can also require expensive repairs. That is why preventative service is so important. That is, even more, the case with modern gearboxes that are more complex, such as the direct shift gearboxes (DSG) often found on Audis, Volkswagens, and other cars now. At Auto Trans Australia, we are the experts in DSG transmission service Mosman can trust absolutely. With over thirty years of experience in the automotive transmission industry, ATA is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment and boasts a highly trained and specialised staff that knows how to service any transmission you roll into our shop. Is your clutch starting to slip? Having trouble shifting gears, or with grinding noises as you shift? Whether you live in Bondi or Rose Bay, bring your vehicle in to us and let us have a look. Don’t let your transmission get damaged!

We’re Specialists in DSG Transmission Service Mosman Will Love

Most vehicles on the road these days have sophisticated computers that will alert you via the dashboard of any potential transmission fault. However, shaky shifting, grinding gears, and other performance issues can also alert you to problems in your gearbox. Don’t keep on driving it unless you want to damage your DSG transmission! When you suspect a problem, bring your vehicle in right away. The sooner you do, the more likely you are to avoid an expensive repair.

When you bring your vehicle to ATA for DSG transmission service, the first thing we do is use our state of the art equipment to diagnose your transmission. This includes vacuum leakage and solenoid testers, as well as setting tools to ensure we always have the right tolerances for the job. We even use a Hydra test calibration machine to fully test your rebuilt transmission. This gives us the ability to perform complete, accurate DSG transmission service. Bondi drivers can trust us! We ensure every transmission we send out the door is operating efficiently and quietly. For your peace of mind, we even offer a limited warranty of 40,000 km or two years, with some conditions applicable. When residents need DSG transmission service, Vaucluse can count on ATA for top shelf workmanship.

With 30 years of experience, we know how to get the job done right

When it comes to a component as vital as your transmission, you want its repair to be in good hands. At ATA, we know we can give you the service you require, whether it’s preventative maintenance or a repair and rebuild. Our highly trained staff specialises in these tasks and will work hard to get your repair done quickly and on time. We aim to be the best DSG transmission service Rose Bay has. Next time your vehicle needs work on its transmission, remember ATA. Give us a call on 1800 1 TRANS or (02) 8399 3447 and we’ll take a look at your vehicle right away!