Auto Trans Australia Offers Expert DSG Transmission Service to Double Bay, Randwick, Woollahra, and Bellevue Hill

Are you struggling with problems with your vehicle related to the transmission? Can you tell that you are getting close to completely losing a gear, such as drive or reverse? These are serious issues that can grow into expensive fixes if not taken care of right away. At Auto Trans Australia, we know just how important your transmission is to the well- being of your automobile. That’s because we work on rebuilding them every single day. From engineering and building our own torque converters to overhauling European and Japanese transmissions, we are experts when it comes to transmission repair. Our goal is to impress our clients and be the best transmissions specialist among all our competitors. When you need any DSG transmission service, Double Bay residents can turn to ATA for timely and reliable repairs. We believe in the high quality of our workmanship, and we believe that you will too once you see the results.

Reliable and dependable DSG transmission service Randwick can count upon

When you need fast and efficient service, Auto Trans Australia is the transmission shop you can trust. We service DSG transmissions as well as a wide range of other transmissions from both European and Japanese cars. Our technicians are highly trained specialists with access to some of the best state of the art diagnostic equipment and machinery. Every transmission we rebuild is tested again before dispatch to ensure both quiet and efficient operation. When your vehicle needs DSG transmission service, Randwick residents can place their confidence in ATA.

The most expensive gearbox repairs often occur as a result of neglect and a lack of maintenance. That’s why ATA does general DSG transmission service Bellevue Hill can count on, too. Don’t let a problem go until your car breaks down. Let us take a look inside and get things up to snuff. Your car will not only drive better, but you’ll save tonnes of money. Our expert technicians will have your transmission tuned up and ready to go in no time.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and a job done right

ATA has over thirty years of experience in rebuilding transmissions and providing high-quality service. We strive to be the absolute best and to make that fact apparent to our customers, our team, and even our competitors. It’s our dedication and expertise that set us apart, as we are one of the only mechanics in Australia with the ability to provide specialist services for so many different transmissions.

To set up an appointment with our shop, you can give us a free call on 1800 1 TRANS (87267). For most cars, servicing will only take a day. In the event we require additional parts, expect a brief two to three-day turnaround. We’ll keep you posted on the repairs and let you know as soon as it’s ready. That’s just another reason we are the premier DSG transmission service Woollahra drivers can hire.