Car Won’t Go into Reverse? It’s Time to Find an Automatic Transmission Repair Shop

Picture this scenario: you’re driving along one day as you always do, perhaps going to work, picking the kids up at school or running errands. You pull into a parking spot but find that your car is askew, so you shift into reverse to adjust the parking job. When you try to shift into reverse, though, your vehicle greets you with a thud or shake. Then, when you try to drive, your car just keeps going forward. Reverse has become just another gear on your car!

The above situation is irritating because it means your car can’t drive backwards anymore. Suffice to say that you never really understand how frequently you use reverse until you can’t use the gear anymore. Just attempt moving your car out of the garage! However, far more than just being a mild irritation, a car that won’t reverse anymore is a vehicle that, nine times out of 10, is suffering from a damaged transmission.

Can I Fix the Problem Myself?

When your car can’t go into reverse, the obvious question to ask is ‘what’s next?’ Who do you take the car to for a repair? What can you expect to pay for the automatic transmission repair cost? Is there any temporary measure that can allow you to get around for a few days until you have time to take your car to the repair shop?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround for a broken transmission—particularly one that is losing entire gears. Some drivers have reported that, by turning off their engines and restarting their cars, they were able to make reverse functional again—if only briefly.

Still, a broken transmission is a broken transmission, and there isn’t a bandage or workaround that can fix it. Your car needs actual automatic transmission repairs, and it needs them sooner rather than later. A car with a broken automatic transmission can slip out of gear on the road, which means that it shifts from a higher gear to a lower one and loses a lot of drive power in the process. Needless to say, trying to drive a car that is so unreliable on a busy road or highway is not the safest choice.

If you are something of an automotive guru, you might wonder if you can’t just open the hood and handle the automatic transmission repair yourself. Unfortunately, automatic transmissions are very complex pieces of engineering, and unless you have serviced one in the past, you would be better off leaving the repair to a professional.

Finding the Right Automatic Transmission Repair Shop

As you can see, your best option going forward is to start searching for automatic transmission repair shops in your area. At Auto Trans Australia, we offer automatic transmission repairs from our garage in Alexandria and have a network of mechanics throughout Australia who might be able to help you. If you need a diagnostic check, bring your car to us. With state of the art equipment and some of the best technicians in the business, we can provide an accurate diagnosis and service your car with the automatic transmission repair it needs.

When you work with ATA, your car will have a reverse gear again in no time! Call us on 1800187267 to learn more.