ATA Autosport is your transmission performance specialist. 



Auto Trans Australia have spent countless hours on research and development to bring you the long awaited ATA Autosport brand. ATA Autosport is a specialised transmission performance brand that will upgrade your DSG transmission to withstand extreme power of up to 700hp by using custom made ATA Autosport parts. ATA Autosport is extremely excited with as they have created one the worlds strongest and most advanced transmission performance DSG upgrade package for highly tuned vehicles with DSG transmissions. 

Call ATA Autosport to find out about the different stage kits they offer and how your highly tuned vehicle could propelled to the next level with ATA Autosport.


DSG Performance Clutch Packs

ATA Autosport have proudly developed one of the world strongest DSG Clutch Upgrade kits.  

As with all clutch systems, with more power comes the need for increased material friction and increased pressure. ATA Autosport can increase the pressure via their DSG Performance Programming, however past a certain level the enthusiast will need to increase the power the clutch can withstand.

ATA Autosport have created a complete clutch upgrade package that can withstand up to 700hp, feeling like a factory engaging clutch. This is where their custom upgraded clutch pack will shine and hold as much as power as your engine can throw at it.

ATA Autosport upgrade kits are installed in a state of the art transmission workshop ensuring a drive in drive out with more power guarantee. 


DSG clutch take off

ATA Autosport is able to set new clutch take off curves for launch control as well as every day driving.

ATA Autosport is the trusted transmission specialist the tuners use and are proud to say that each one of our Dual Clutch Upgrade kits has been tried and tested on some of the most powerful vehicles in the country on race tracks and street, outshining their competition by far.