Have You Already Tried the Mechanic? Do You Have a Tricky Transmission Problem? Call Us, we can fix it!

Sometimes transmissions can be a challenge for many general servicemen to fix due to the often complex and complicated workings of each transmission. There are many different types of transmissions including clutch and automatic …read more .

Do You Need Transmission Service in Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Bondi, and Beyond? Don’t Worry, We Can Get There!

Auto Trans Australia or ATA, is one of Australia’s largest, professional providers of transmission service. Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Bondi, and more can enjoy the great benefits of having a specialist repair their vehicle’s …read more .

Do You Need Automatic Transmission Service in Double Bay, Randwick, Woollahra, or Bellevue Hill?

We’ve all been there. You woke up late, and it’s the day of that big presentation which could get you that promotion, and afterwards you’re looking forward to Sally’s ballet recital and wondering how also to be at Bobby’s …read more .

Specializing in Providing Automatic Transmission Service to Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Bondi and Beyond!

Are you tired of taking your vehicle to serviceman after serviceman, looking for somebody who can not only figure out what’s wrong but really fix the problem? Or are you tired of being charged an arm and a leg by mechanics who …read more .

Auto Trans Australia Offers Expert DSG Transmission Service to Double Bay, Randwick, Woollahra, and Bellevue Hill

Are you struggling with problems with your vehicle related to the transmission? Can you tell that you are getting close to completely losing a gear, such as drive or reverse? These are serious issues that can grow into …read more .

For Dependable DSG Transmission Service Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Bondi Can Trust, Rely On Auto Trans Australia

There’s simply no question that one of the most critical components of your vehicle is its transmission. As vehicles become more complex, so do their gearboxes. Without a properly functioning transmission, your vehicle will not …read more .

Looking for Expert Manual Transmission Service in Double Bay, Randwick, Woollahra, or Bellevue Hill? Look into Auto Trans Australia!

Have you noticed that your manual transmission just isn’t behaving the way it ought to lately? Whether you know what the problem is, or you have no idea what is going on with your transmission, save yourself time, money, and a lot …read more .

Auto Trans Australia Offers Reliable Manual Transmission Service to Mosman, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, and Bondi

Have you started noticing your car isn’t performing as it should? Is your clutch slipping and causing problems when you try to drive at higher speeds? Do you think you are close to losing a gear such as drive or reverse? Worse yet …read more .

What You Need to Know about Transmission Fluid Leaks, Auto Transmission Repair Shops and Repair Costs

Perhaps your car is having trouble going into gear. Maybe you are experiencing gear slipping while you are driving on the highway. Maybe you feel your car shake, jerk or seize up sometimes when it moves from one gear to the next. All of the symptoms …read more .

Car Won’t Go into Reverse? It’s Time to Find an Automatic Transmission Repair Shop

Picture this scenario: you’re driving along one day as you always do, perhaps going to work, picking the kids up at school or running errands. You pull into a parking spot but find that your car is askew, so you shift into reverse to adjust the parking job …read more .

How Getting an Annual Automatic Transmission Service will Lead to Lower Cost Maintenance in the Long Run

The philosophy of ‘preventative maintenance’ is an oft-repeated mantra in the automotive world. The idea is that, by having your car serviced regularly, you will avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs. This concept explains why drivers get …read more .

When Is It Time to Take Your Car into a Transmission Rebuild Service Shop?

Whether you drive an automatic transmission vehicle or a manual transmission car, it goes without saying that your transmission is one of the most important components of the automobile. Your engine is the heart of your car, but in many ways, the transmission …read more .

How Do I Get My Car to a Transmission Rebuilder for Diagnostic and Repair?

It’s a story old as transmissions themselves: you are out driving, just making your way home from work or school, when your transmission suddenly fails. Maybe the gears start slipping; maybe the car starts shaking, grinding or whining; perhaps you …read more .

How Much Does a Transmission Repair Cost? (And Where to Get an Estimate)

No one wants to hear that their transmission is broken and in need of a significant repair. Not only are transmissions vital to the safe and functional operation of your car, but repairing them can also be quite expensive if you haven’t taken the time …read more .

Have Your Car Properly Examined When You Seek Transmission Repair Service

Many car owners have a regular mechanic that they like to utilise. Often they form a rather personal relationship with their repairman and see them as the go-to option for any car trouble that may arise. This is, however, not always the best strategy …read more .

Auto Trans Australia: A Transmission Repair Shop You Can Count on for Quality

Have you ever taken your car in for a repair and paid a hefty service fee to get the job done, only to find that the problem just returns when you get up to speed on the highway? Have you worked with auto repair companies that charge you a lot for …read more .

Need an Automatic Transmission Specialist? Have Your Car Cared for by One of the Leading Professionals in Australia

For some people, a car is merely a means of transportation. For others, their vehicle is an extension of themselves, a close and reliable friend that is of personal importance. If you are in the latter category, you understand the importance of …read more .